yerebakanbluescalan asked:
Hey I am Berfin andI have vitiligo on my collarbone and under my right eye. I covered up the one under my eye with my curls and the collarbone one is not seem. Sory for my grammar,English is not my main language.

New at this…

Hi. I am a new blogger and I am new in vitiligo stuff. I just find very fulfilling to be able to express myself, when I am sad og happy and  be able to deal with other people what I am trying about my vitiligo. English is not my first language so I hope you will pass by my mistakes . Love!

Anonymous asked:
I would really appreciate if someone explained the different types of vitiligo to mw, because I've looked it up and it's still a but unclear. Maybe someone with vitiligo could explain it better?

I dont really know about different types… I know there are different formations as in symmetrical and asymmetrical but I’m sure someone will know

I have had this disease (though I don’t really like to call it that) since the age of 7, it has been hard at times. I never realized how many of us there are out there thanks!!!

Anonymous asked:
Is there anyway to cover it up with makeup if it is small and make it last through the shower.

waterproof cosmetics is probably your best bet but i wouldn’t know how well they stand up to scrubbing and soap and stuff.


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