I have had this disease (though I don’t really like to call it that) since the age of 7, it has been hard at times. I never realized how many of us there are out there thanks!!!

Anonymous asked:
Is there anyway to cover it up with makeup if it is small and make it last through the shower.

waterproof cosmetics is probably your best bet but i wouldn’t know how well they stand up to scrubbing and soap and stuff.


Reuben is a young boy with the heart of an old man.
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adamspencergraham asked:
Seeking people with vitiligo to be the subjects of a personal portrait series. The portraits will be in-studio, in Manhattan. I have been living with the disorder for 13 years, and would like to capture the intrigue and beauty of unique skin patterns.
overlordcthulhu asked:
First, I love your blog!! And seconds I just wanted to say I adore my vitiligo! I think it's so cool and a lot of people at my school do too! I was insecure about it for awhile because I got bullied but once I hit like 8th grade I started to love it. I personally think it's beautiful on anyone. That's all. Love your blog even though I only just started following!
Anonymous asked:
i just got diagnosed, and while my vitiligo isn't obvious now, i realize it probably will spread. the reality is challenging to face but i'm so glad i found this blog. the beautiful, confident individuals here are truly inspiring to me. thank you for embodying how vitiligo can be something that enhances your individuality instead of just a disease :)
Anonymous asked:
Hey, I have spots that look like vitiligo and it seems to be spreading. I was wondering if there is something I should be doing about it? Thanks :D

Go see a Doctor and hopefully they can refer you to a dermatologist. :) And in the mean time, if it is sunny, don’t let those spots get burnt.

Hi, i have vitiligo,nice word that, irony pls.

First, sorry if I say something wrong in English. but im from Spain and my English is rusty / not exist. I am 21 years old and im a man/boy xD, i have vitiligo, (so lucky) ty god :P. I got it from 9 years, I had a bit of luck, because my face and my hands whitened, and I have never been insulted, but I still not accepted this curse, we all know that unless things humans make fun of each other and it’s sad, but the bitch actually. I feel somewhat alone, simply because I do not know anyone near me who also have this, but I have friends who told him my pain and gave me their support I do not feel so so alone, but I lost childhood friends for that. I can not get a date because I feel lower, Maybe it sounds like a monster stronger say xD) but I feel that there is someone better than me.

Also stopped going to the pool or even the beach … not to be the center of attention basically, do some sports, I did what most do I suppose, seek entertainment on the computer, play games or see series as anime. I’m using the legendary google translator hahaa shoot me hehe, so I know iºll say something bad. (Que la cagaré fijo en alguna palabra xD).

I feel like I’m losing against this curse, I’m stuck in the darkest of my mind right now, (for some known I guess), I try to fight it but it's hard … even sometimes I think I deserve it because if did not, of those people who would humiliate different people … but it’s nothing more than a poor excuse, I was always friendly to everyone but being alone where you live, I’m even more alone.

I know that having a couple really help, also have comprehensive people around you, but not always so :( . We just want a normal life right? I have no girlfriend  because I do not want be wrong with a girl who is not even remotely my type or with a girl who is with me because of sadness…Although more or less you know if two people generally want.

Reading some stories here and some other sites, I have decided to change my character something of a lone wolf. Try to be more open to new people especially.

I’ve been filling my soul based music, especially rap, maybe it sounded kind of corny, but it’s true. I'm that 1% is equal to thousands of people who feel and understand life differently and in many ways.
Ah .. needless to say I have to sign up for English classes, I will :D.

A greeting. :3